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Pediatric Dentistry in Chennai

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry deals with the dental treatments and diagnosis of children from toddlers to adolescents.

When should I schedule my child's first visit?

It is recommended to take your child to a dentist when the first tooth appears. It will help you to protect your child from dental problems. You can also get guidelines from the doctor to make your child's oral health better.

What guidelines will help children remain cavity free?

Teach your child to follow good oral practices. Make sure that, your child uses fluoridates tooth paste and brushes twice a day. Teach the child to floss properly. Try to get him/her enough fluoridated water and products. Get your child to the dentist to have proper dental check ups at least twice a year.Tips for helping children develop positive dental habits.

  • Teach your child to brush properly and twice a day
  • Make him/her to learn the best way of flossing
  • Make them aware of the importance of cleaning the mouth after every snack or meal
  • Use mouth rinses that contain fluoride. But, be careful not to allow them to take too much fluoride.
  • Avoid food items that can harm your child's tooth.

How important is a child's diet in the prevention of cavities?

Diet has an important role in developing and preventing the cavities. A balanced diet is very important to prevent cavities. What they eat and how often they eat will affect the health of their teeth. Usually children have the habit of snacking intermittently. It is crucial to clean the mouth after every snack. Another thing is that to avoid sugary items that can cause cavities.

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