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BPS Denture

BPS is the acronym of Biofunctional Prosthetic System. This category of dentures can help in a large way in contributing to the oral requirements in daily life. These dentures can facilitate the wearing of the prosthetic tooth continuously, all along the day. They are also convenient and easy to use.


‘Biofunctional’: The biofunctional nature of these dentures is the high percentage of resemblance to the natural teeth & related actions. Bio-functional dentures can almost replicate the natural teeth functions, primarily the mastication process. The problems are also very much less in speaking by wearing these devices. Although these dentures come at relatively high cost, the advantages that these provide are well beyond the conventional dentures.

'Prosthetic System’: The significant aspect of these dentures is their high quality. The nature of the materials needed for fabrication make it very much preferable to use over the other dentures.

BPS dentures can be of various types. These dentures can be partial dentures, combination dentures, over dentures, complete dentures, removable implant dentures etc.