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Gum Re-contouring

Gum re-contouring is a kind of gum surgery mostly chosen for cosmetic reasons. It is also known as gum reshaping, used to enhance the smile of an individual. When a person’s front teeth are covered with gum at a high percentage, it is considered to be a gummy smile. It affects the self-confidence of an individual. Main reasons for gummy smile can be genetic factors or as a side effect of some medication. Gum re-contouring is a painless method to treat gummy smile.

Usually, the procedure is done using a scalpel. Nowadays, lasers have also become common. Using lasers or scalpel, the excessive gum will trim away. The procedure is fast and painless. Laser is much faster than scalpel. The procedure starts with a local anesthetic. Then, the surgeon will cut away the access gum with laser or scalpel device. After the cutting procedure, the surgeon will also shape the gum in order to give it the exact shape.

It may take time to heal if scalpel device is used for the procedure. Laser makes it easy and quick to heal. In some cases, removing the gums only may not be enough. The surgeon may also remove some of the bone. Healing will be quick and faster with the use of laser. After completing the procedure of gum contouring, the doctor may prescribe crowns or veneers to enhance the smile.

Gum re-contouring is a simple procedure to enhance one’s smile and self-confidence. As all the other surgeries, it does has certain risks and complications. Quickness, simplicity of the procedure and relatively painless are the main advantages of the procedure. As it is a surgery, which involves cutting tissue and bone, there will be risks and complications. It may include-bleeding, swelling and infections.

In short, gum contouring (also known as gum reshaping) is a kind of cosmetic dental treatment used to enhance the general look of one’s teeth. People who have a gummy smile are mostly the candidate for gum contouring procedure.